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The Taskbar is kept tidy by consolidating multiple open windows, such as e-mails, into a single button on the taskbar


Every time you open a window, a button representing it appears on the taskbar. The button disappears when you close a window.

The taskbar also contains the Start menu and notification area, where you'll see the clock. Other icons in the notification area can appear temporarily, showing the status of ongoing activities. For instance, the printer icon appears when you send a file to the printer, and disappears when printing is complete. You'll also be reminded in the notification area when new Windows updates are available to download from the Microsoft Web site.

Windows XP keeps the taskbar tidy by consolidating buttons when too many accumulate. For example, buttons representing individual e-mails are automatically grouped under a single e-mail button. Clicking the button lets you select a specific mail message from a convenient menu. Next